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Erik Nervous (aka Erik Hart to his folks) has produced at least an E.P. a year since 2015, releasing his music on a long list of American indies, such as Warm Ratio, Total Punk, Neck Chop, Lumpy, and Digital Regress. There was a short break for the COVID-19 pandemic, but even then, Erik hooked up with two friends, as the Beta Blockers. Erik also happens to be one of the top punk recording engineers in the Midwest and has been playing synth in the Spits since 2021. Immaturity marks the return of Erik Nervous as a solo artist. The thirty-nine minute long playing rock album will be co-released by FatCat (UK) and Feel It (US) on November 3, 2023. As a kid, at the turn of the millennium, Erik was immersed in 1970s and `80s pop culture - sugary cartoon fair, from Scooby-Do to Yogi Bear, musically from Prince to Olivia Newton John and John Travolta’s turn in Grease. It was actually an obsession with the Harmonix Guitar Hero II video game that got Erik into making his own music. He learnt how to play drums via their subsequent Rock Band series. After buying a cheap acoustic guitar from Target, while in 5th or 6th grade, he received an electric one for Christmas a few years later. He insists that he still uses this instrument for 90% of his recording. Starting out teaching himself how to multi-track, etc. with an iPad and Garageband, Erik then went retro and bought a...

LP $21.95

11/03/2023 795154144501 

FEEL IT 111 

MP3 $7.99

11/03/2023 795154144501 

FEEL IT 111 

FLAC $8.99

11/03/2023 795154144501 

FEEL IT 111 

***Computer Human, Drunken Sailor and Violent Pest have joined forces to bring you Erik Nervous’ newest album in physical form. Now available on red, black or white wax in the hemisphere of your choosing. Recorded by Erik in 2020 and set into vinyl in 2021 for your consumption. "ERIK dropped the BETA BLOCKERS for this LP; he’s going solo and the results are marvelous. Eleven tracks of DEVO-worshipping, synth-laden Midwest garage rock which sometimes veers into absolute hardcore mayhem. Songs are fast, hooks are catchy, riffs are sick, guitar solos are quick and frantic, with a vital impulse to push things to the extreme which is very alluring and fun. This kind of sound’s been on a revival kick of sorts lately, I haven’t been that interested in it to be honest, but ERIK NERVOUS delivers. Just listen to the chaotic opener “Our Hungry Fruit,” ERIK never lets up the intensity throughout the record. This was released on cassette last year but now you can get it on red, white, or black vinyl. Be stiff!"—Miguel Franco, MRR #458

LP $22.75

03/11/2022 712198573692