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Lifetime Of Romance by Ettinger, Dylan

Ettinger, Dylan

Lifetime Of Romance
Not Not Fun

***Heartland synthesist DYLAN ETTINGER follows up 2010’s widely lauded New Age Outlaws imaginary cyber-soundtrack with a stark, dark, and intensely different collection of misshapen new wave weirdnesses, Lifetime Of Romance. Recorded at a proper studio, and written over the course of a year, the seven songs of Romance reflect a heavy influence from the fringier strains of bummed out quasi-industrial synth-pop in the vein of Fad Gadget, certain Cabaret Voltaire, early Human League, etc, but dragged through his own warped, wonky filter. The approaches vary radically, from abandoned factory dirges (“Sport And Superstion,” “Maude”) to dubbed-out man-machine paranoia (“Disparager”) to bouncy sine-wave robot radio singles (“Arco Iris,” “Blue and Blue”) and general electronic workshop exploration (“18.0”). It’s always to be heralded when an artist braves terrain they haven’t traversed yet, so it’s a kick to hear Ettinger’s secret circuitry language channeled into the pop architectures of twisted synth-wave melancholia for the first time. Another engaging step by an always intriguing American original.

LP $13.00


NNF 250 

CD $12.00

03/27/2012 616822105726 

NNF 250 

MP3 $6.93

03/20/2012 616822105726 


***A banging new single by this Bloomington Rogue Wizard finds him condensing the spatial sprawl of his "New Age Outlaws" style into actual keyboard-riff/basement-vocals anthems. Cool soundsystem low-end brings a bizarre retro-futurist party mood to the table. Big-hole 45s in silkscreened sleeves. Limited to 330 copies. MP3 download includes two bonus tracks!!! 

7" $6.30

04/19/2011 655035822471 

NNF 224 

MP3 $3.96

05/10/2011 655035822471 


***REPRESSED!!! “Back in March of this year we released DR. ETTINGER’s New Age Outlaws album on cassette (NNF192) and it was great. But artists—in case you didn’t know—ain’t easily satisfied, and so Dylan felt compelled to return to the master tapes and further articulate the new age sci-fi ambient drift jazz vision of those pieces into something even grander and more elegant. Sounded like a worthwhile cause to us, so here’s New Age Outlaws: The Director’s Cut, mastered fresh for vinyl and bedazzled with new layers of robot noir synth lines, back alley cyber sax, and insomniac drum machine heartbeats. Dylan even architected a new track sequence and re-named a couple songs. Black vinyl LPs in jackets with stunning alien vista artwork by DAN MCPHARLIN, plus a photocopied cardstock insert.”—NNF.

LP $14.00

07/19/2011 655035820811 

NNF 208 

MP3 $5.94

10/26/2010 655035820811