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Ogopogo Punk by Evaporators


Ogopogo Punk

From the depths of the uncharted wilderness (or is it “wildness”?) Nardwuar the Human Serviette, John Collins, Stephen Hamm, Nick Thomas and Shawn Mrazek, known hereafter as The Evaporators, have released eight new songs in the form of a digital download and colored vinyl, titled Ogopogo Punk! The Evaporators sing about a lot of things on this latest album including: shaving, mohawks and dreadlocks, eating to win, the mythical landlocked BC monster the Ogopogo, Skagit Valley’s Chuckanut Drive and a whole lot more! Over the past decade The Evaporators have graced stages / halls / living rooms with everyone from Anal Mucus to Sleater-Kinney to the Whack Attack Puppet Show.

LP $17.50

01/13/2017 773871017018 

MRD 170 

MP3 $7.99

11/14/2016 773871017025 


FLAC $8.99

11/14/2016 773871017025 

MRD 170 

Gassy Jack And Other Tales by Evaporators


Gassy Jack And Other Tales

***Led by college radio personality legend and celebrity marauder Nardwuar, the Evaporators sling out one wildly infectious tune after another, luring you into their frenetic and slightly surreal world of sound. Named after Vancouver pioneer Captain John Deighton who got his nickname "Gassy" from talking non stop rather than farting, The Evaporators new release will attempt to school you the listener on how to Shake with the Shaggy Shaker and how to do the Eggbeater. Pure rock’n’roll fun.

LP $17.50

11/20/2007 773871011016 

MRL 110 

CD $13.00

10/29/2007 773871011023 

MRD 110 CD 

***The first-ever US release from Vancouver's notorious EVAPORATORS. Led by cult radio personality and celebrity marauder NARDWUAR THE HUMAN SERVIETTE, the band sling one infectious tune after another, luring you into their frenetic and slightly surreal world. Punk, rock, garage, and pop these guys do it all. Enhanced CD features Nardwuar interviews with DAN QUAYLE, MIKHAIL GORBACHEV, JELLO BIAFRA, and others.

CD $9.25

01/27/2004 721616031126 


LP+7" $9.75

01/27/2004 721616031119 

VIRUS 311 

MP3 $0.00