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Two-man duo The Ferocious Few formed in 2006 when Francisco Fernandez (composer/guitar/vocals) and Daniel Aguilar (percussion) took their informal jam sessions in Oakland, CA, to the streets of San Francisco with a portable PA. The Few's stripped-down, lo-fi sound has been classified as rock, punk or rockabilly, and along with the bluesy elements in Fernandez's howling vocals, their raw sound may be best categorized by the increasingly ambiguous garage rock genre. Regardless of the venue--the streets of downtown SF or at Shoreline Amphitheater's Download Festival 2008--the duo delivers a tight, intimate performance, marked by Aguilar's heavy train beats and Fernandez's strained guitar and voice chiming in over the top. Juices, their debut LP on Birdman Records, is a visceral and viscous testament to their stunning, heartfelt brutality. In traditional rock angst fashion, Fernandez sings of heartbreak, pain and lost love, tying it all to the post-modern world around him and how it connects him to everyone else. "Our music is based on struggle, and that's what I think people can relate to," he says, "I want to create something that's relevant to our culture, not alienated by it." Put Juices on your stereo and it will drip down your walls. Listen to it alone and it will feel like you have been flattened by a train and reabsorbed into the earth. Play it at a party and a Bacchanalian orgy is likely to ensue.  "... this duo whips up a carnal excitement that simply electrifies every place they perform,...

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