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Fish Karma And/or The Derailleurs

Fish Karma has been creating music in Tucson, Arizona, since the early 80s. Three of his albums have been released on Alternative Tentacles Records: “The Theory of Intelligent Design,” “Halloween in America,” and “Lethal Fairy Tales.” Dave Roads, longtime bass player for Al Perry and the Cattle, performs in several bands in Tucson when not playing guitar with the DeRailleurs. Dante Perna, formerly of Captain Space Clown, has been drumming with Fish for the past several years. Nobody is quite sure about the Reverend Jim Hartley, but rumors indicate he currently resides in Benson, Arizona. Fish Karma and/or the DeRailleurs have been performing together for the past three years, putting out the album “Schwa” in 2017.

MP3 $9.90

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