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***In October 2017 HARDY FOX publicly announced that he was "Charles Bobuck" and had been one of the secret composers for the anonymous art group, THE RESIDENTS. Four months later he released his first album under his real name after 45 years of secrecy. An album of minimalist electronic love songs with somewhat shy vocals. "For me, I am still able to love as an older gentleman, but the intensity of love always takes me back to my youth when all was new and strange. Each element that drove sexual exploits had to be explored, considered and digested. Now older, I am able to gain some objectivity to set memories to music. This album is a glimpse into my younger self. Well truthfully, probably not. It is likely yet another fantasy of an aging man, still led around by his dick". Unfortuntely, in Sept 2018 Hardy posted his own obituary in advance to his own impending passing. He died of brain cancer on Oct 30th. Limited edition of 350 hand-numbered copies on green and yellow vinyl inside a reverse board jacket with a golden flexi 7".

fpo $25.25