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Who Said These Were Happy Times by Francis Harold & The Holograms

Francis Harold & The Holograms

Who Said These Were Happy Times

***NOW AVAILABLE ON CD!!! Finally getting a worldwide CD release on Agitated Records. The label got boosted some tracks from the band’s mini-LP and their 7-inch on HoZac to create a debut album of sorts, tastefully sleeved in a fancy digipak. “Our jaws are still shattered and on the floor, it’s records like this that give the US Underground a good name… but this is the kind of record that pretty much blows nearly all else out of the water: its like the first time TAD’s Gods Balls twatted our tweeters, the first time Pissed Jeans webbed out our woofers, and when we first discovered the skronk-spazz of Wanghead, Scratch Acid, Samhain and Blood Circus all boiled into one exploding pussball. Nasty, horrible, dirgy, brilliant, scary lyrics…and the real grime under the fingernails of the US underground…. stick this in yr pipe and smoke it, well that’s what we think, you might hate it.”

CD $13.00

07/27/2010 823566504429 

AGIT 001 CD 

MP3 $9.90

07/27/2010 823566504429