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***Crude electro-acoustic strategies are at work in this tape-on-tape monolith, where the murky surfaces are pricked and the bruises of multiple generations of recording are revealed. Rasping hiss, mud-gray compression, spluttering motors, rancorous textures of iron filing shards, flecked dried scabs, garbled noise, irradiated drones and thrumming bellows from the machine drown in heavy, elemental waveform crush. The forces of the grand architectural scores of minimalism are still at work on 60' Cassette, obfuscated in flurries of fetid noise and unspooled tape. Look to the crumbling roar of Kevin Drumm, Chop Shop, or more aptly Japanese obscurantist Toukaseibunshi for a likeminded approach.

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07/21/2015 655035183145 


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***RICHARD GARET has employed photosensors to control a particular audio signal through the erratic nature of a violently pulsing abstract film; he has also flooded a performance space with fog to disperse multi-channel video work into an ephemeral yet sculptural mass, accompanied by an equally diffused sound design. His ongoing research in interference continues here with electromagnetic disturbances through radio: the process of transmission and reception is treated as a routing system for the audio signal, while the nodes that direct the course of that signal are deliberately agitated and distressed. For example, an electrical motor might be situated near a radio's antenna, disrupting its ability to properly receive a transmission. Through the controlled use of electro-acoustic techniques (some rough and volatile, some refined and delicate), he organizes the signal distortion, the crackling static, and the ever-present tendencies for feedback into swarms of chiming resonance, electrically sourced harmonics, tactile bricolage, and impressionist din.

CD $13.50

03/06/2012 801673901621 

23FIVE 016 CD 

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02/28/2012 801673901621 

23FIVE 016