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May The Curse Bind by Ghast


May The Curse Bind

***NOW AVAILABLE!!! Wales group GHAST’s monument to black doom on double vinyl. Also includes that Ghast portion of the 2007 split with Helvett. “Ghast are an altogether more bleak proposition, playing a style of music that squats nihilistically between black metal and doom. May the Curse Bind delivers five tracks of hopeless and despondent metal designed to leave you feeling crushed and alone in a bottomless pit of misanthropy. The album is full of nastiness, a real dark sense of spite, that is particularly well conveyed by the shrieking vocals of the cryptically monikored ARRRRRRACH. The production manages that difficult trick of being necrotic enough to sound like death whilst still clear enough that everything comes through without too much effort. The tracks on May the Curse Bind are long, meandering things which derive most of their power from monomaniac riffs ground out over and over again until the listener is bludgeoned into submission, before changing tempo and doing the same thing again.”—

2XLP $17.50

05/31/2011 654367041413 

FR 04