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"Domestique is Ghost Shirt's full-length debut on the legendary Anyway Records (Guided by Voices, New Bomb Turks, Jenny Mae, The Ass Ponys, Gaunt). "I distinctly remember my first time hearing the band. It was late 2009, the song was 'History of the Radio,' and 30 seconds in, I went Kool-Aid Man onto the Ghost Shirt bandwagon. I immediately played 'Radio' again, just to make sure I had heard what I thought I heard. I've had this experience with three (now four) songs: The Beatles, 'Happiness Is a Warm Gun'; Flaming Lips, 'Five Stop Mother Superior Rain'; Teenage Fanclub, 'The Concept.' "Who has the balls, let alone talent, to join that triumvirate of awesome? Five songs into their career and they're already in the pantheon. Get in now, friends. The record contains New Pornographer sing-alongs mixed with She-and-Him-style boy / girl vocals. This band has all the ingredients for a Neutral Milk Hotel or Surfer Rosa-era Pixies-type breakout. Beyond that, who knows?" --The Audios Lounge, Austin, TX

CD $12.00

10/05/2010 711447006523 

AW 065 

MP3 $8.91

10/05/2010 711447006523