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Gino And The Goons

***It only took us over a year, but in true Goon fashion we think we've finally figured out how to get a proper version of the super limited, custom made and long sold out third LP from GINO AND THE GOONS into the filthy mitts of the general public. Originally manufactured in China and released in an edition of 300 copies on the band’s own SunWray Records label with photocopied artwork pasted onto garbage thrift store LP covers, the Rip It Up album is now available to the masses on MADE IN THE USA vinyl, with digital mastering handled by TIM WARREN at Crypt Records. Mark Twisitworthy at Razorcake Magazine writes: “...catchy yet snotty, fitting perfectly amongst the big name 'budget rock' titles of yesteryear. This is everything I want in a garage rock record in 2018. Listening to this is like having a full LP of only the Jon Von penned Rip Offs songs—raw as fuck but catchy enough to get stuck in your head an hour later. There’s no doubting their adoration of raw rock’n’roll… If you like your garage punk sounding like it’s straight out of the best releases from 1994, then this absolutely must be in your collection.” (STREET DATE - 9/06/2019)

LP $15.50

09/06/2019 192914576105 


I Won't Fall In Love / Parasite by Gino And The Goons

Gino And The Goons

I Won't Fall In Love / Parasite
Certified Pr

***"Budget rock will never die! After a fistful of releases on labels such as Slovenly/Black Gladiator, Red Lounge, Pelican Pow Wow, Total Punk and others, GINO AND THE GOONS have joined the Certified PR Records roster of All-Stars. Different than their previous Garage Rock/Rip Off Records styled output, this single shows The 'Goons at their SLEAZIEST! In the beginning "Head Goon", GINO BAMBINO wrote all of the bands' original material. Their last full length Rip It Up on SunWray Records had Gino and "Bass Goon", T-BONE JONES sharing the writing and singing responsibilities 50/50. This time around T-Bone wrote both sludge stompers that sound like something oozing out of The Dogs or DMZ catalogs. Not that it matters. As Gino puts it, 'Either way you look at it they are all GOONS TOONS!! So turn it up loud and go crazy!!!'

7" $6.75


CPR 041 

***Here’s a new 7-inch from St. Petersburg, FL madmen GINO AND THE GOONS! On the A-side we have an updated and damaged version of “Check This Out,” originally from their 2014 Shake It! LP, and the flip is a storming cover of Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers’ 1977 classic “Let Go.” This platter has guests galore including Memphis’ NOTS, and New Orleans’ very own BUCK BILOXI with Pelican Pow Wow Records’ big chief SARAH NO MAS all piling on the dirt. (STREET DATE - 12/04/2015)

7" $8.50

12/04/2015 889211712762 


***GINO AND THE GOONS are the most unlikely band to have gotten any attention in the current shitpool of rock’n’roll posecrap. Fakes are plenty, and everyone seems to be buying it, but we’re happy to be wiping our asses with it. Late 2012 saw the release of The Goons’ debut self-released LP. The 300 copies only press was a goner in no time flat, but the sickos at Total Punk rushed out a reissue to meet the demands of of the desperate, and quickly followed with the Troubled 7-inch, the sleeve of which I just devalued by setting it in the condensation on my desk of my 11th beer of the night. This slab was promptly answered by the weirdos at Pelican Pow Pow, with the release of the Oh Yeah! single, and it’s even soggier than than the sleeve I just ruined. In 2014, Gino and the Goons and Black Gladiator have sniffed each others asses just enough to have come to the understanding that if we’re gonna do a record together, it’s gotta be the baddest shit. THE BADDEST SHIT. This is the album you wanted to be budget rock. This is the album you wanted to be dumb as fuck. This is the album that fails on both levels. This is the album that proves that Ramones worship doesn’t have to be predictable or generic. This is the album that proves that rock’n’roll doesn’t have a fashion, and that musical style rules supreme. PLAY LOUD cuz, ‘cause...

LP $13.75

10/28/2014 888174924755 


MC $9.25