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Remote View by Girls


Remote View

***THE GIRLS have been notorious for their impressive new wavish pop zeal ever since they first embarked out into the unforgiving world via their Dirtnap debut in 2004, only this time, their subdued dormancy has culminated with a much darker sound that most of their original progenitors might not even recognize. While the band has retained their core competency of twisted pop architecture as it's guiding light, these two new tracks recorded by The Intelligence's LARS FINBERG show a far more robotic side to their sound. Now sounding less like The Cars and more toward the Tubeway Army/The Gas/Valves angle they've comfortably grown into, which fits like a fingerless glove. Dig into these two space-age pop gems, both neurotically bursting with scuzz-laden, mind-numbing hooks that sink in deep and stick like cheap gum in granny's dentures. First press of 500 black editions.

7" $5.40

12/14/2010 655035187877 

HZR 078 

MP3 $1.98

12/14/2010 655035187877 


***Dirtnap Records is proud to present the latest in a long line of classic Pacific Northwest punk/power pop action, this time from Sadhole idols, THE GIRLS. This all male five-piece combines elements of The Briefs, The Cars, T-Rex, and Stiv Bators' solo records. Think geeky, twitchy, colorful glam rock with a whole lot of their own unique personality stamped on to each and every song.

CD $12.00

05/25/2004 821970004726 


MP3 $9.90

05/25/2004 821970004726 


FLAC $11.99

05/25/2004 821970004726