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Glass And Ashes by Glass & Ashes

Glass & Ashes

Glass And Ashes
No Idea

***Ventura, California’s GLASS & ASHES enter the fray with their second album: a storm raging, a force of nature unleashed on barren landscapes, rending vast destruction as compelling art. Pummel and rage, burn and seethe, crossing from one side of melodic hardcore straight into the heaviest rock. The past is burnt and frayed. The future is unwritten. In the four years since Aesthetic Arrest, G&A have matured, focused, and taken the exploration in unexpected directions, yet there is a common thread within. Their two albums are undeniably distinct. Inventive, intricate and propulsive drumming couples with spot-on, melodic guitar leads: weaving tension, anxiety, and release into every song.

CD $13.00

05/13/2008 633757022522 


Aesthetic Arrest by Glass & Ashes

Glass & Ashes

Aesthetic Arrest
No Idea

***NOW AVAILABLE ON CD!!! Hailing from Ventura, California, GLASS & ASHES soak every possible ounce of spirit and passion from a full-velocity scream. Musically dynamic and compelling, this new band is already garnering comparisons to Torches To Rome, Planes Mistaken For Stars, and Yaphet Kotto, with a touch of the DC sound of years past.

LP $12.25


NIR 165 

CD $13.00

12/28/2004 633757016521