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Reflections Of The Solstice by Goatlord


Reflections Of The Solstice
Nuclear War Now

***Repress of the debut GOATLORD album from 1991. The transition in style that Goatlord underwent between the releases of Demo ’87 and the Sodomize the Goat demo in 1988 began to expose some differences in the individual members’ visions for the band’s future direction. Although guitarist JOE FRANKULIN has been quoted as stating that the deliberate attempt to slow the pace of certain sections of the songs quite dramatically had gone a bit too far, vocalist ACE STILL instead embraced this change wholeheartedly, which eventually led to him parting ways with Goatlord prior to the band’s signing with Turbo Music for the recording of their first album, Reflections of the Solstice, in 1991. In the wake of Ace’s departure, Frankulin and company enlisted the vocal services of MITCH HARRIS, who would soon become better known for his involvement in NAPLAM DEATH. Curiously, although it is commonly recognized that Harris indeed recorded lead vocal tracks for the entire album, it is instead the voice of Ace Still that appears on the released recording. Given the band’s known indulgence in hallucinogenics, it is as fitting as it is mysterious that Ace Still somehow re-emerged from the fog to record the lead vocal tracks on Reflections Of The Solstice, and it is perhaps equally interesting to note that Harris’ vocals only surface as a backing track on “Sacrifice.” These differences in musical visions aside, Reflections of the Solstice followed much in the same vein as the Sodomize the Goat demo. In fact, every...

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