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On Gods and Queens' debut, washes of reverb collide with echoes of shoegazer's catchier moments. There's mature inconsistency here--or, in other words: fast songs, slow songs, and one droning psychedelic blissfest.   To quote the band themselves, "Gods and Queens is a three-piece from Brooklyn/Philadelphia who tried in vain to blatantly steal riffs and song patterns from some of their favorite bands (Hoover, Lungfish, June of '44, Spaceman 3, and the like), but failed in every attempt. Instead, here are seven untitled songs that in no way resemble who or what they were intended to mimic. Some have compared the band to a low-rent, depressed version of Fugazi, others to Quicksand without the stop-start timing."  Boiled down, Gods and Queens plays an abnormally dark blend of indie/shoegazer/whatever-people-want-to-call-it.  No exports to the UK/Europe

LP+CD $17.50

10/14/2008 879198002444 

ROB 077 

MP3 $6.93

10/14/2008 879198002444 


FLAC $7.99

10/14/2008 879198002444