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Better Than Good Times by Golden Boys

Golden Boys

Better Than Good Times

***Once upon a time in Spring Branch, TX five legends went back to the future and formed THE GOLDEN BOYS. Created after a long drive in a pickup truck with a 12 pack of beer, founding members JAMES ARTHUR (FIREWORKS, NECESSARY EVILS, FEAST OF SNAKES) and MATT HOOPENGARDNER (WHITE HEAT) sat on the edge of a cliff staring at the sunset. Soon after, extreme super hobo JOHN WESLEY COLEMAN III rode up on a wild coyote named FIRE DEMON. The group quickly formed a sold nexus and foundation for the Texas psyche blues texas rock texas jam texas pop etc. After much whiskey on the basement floor, NAY NAY (KACKACKA BUTT BOMB) and BRYAN SCHMITZ (MANHUNT, Feast Of Snakes) appeared in a powdery puff, followed shortly after by the verdant recruit, PHILLY PAT TROXELL (CREEPOID, PLAQUE MARKS). After multiple years toiling in obscurity alongside the Spider Bags and Strange Boys, the Golden Boys were saved by international playboy and THE GOSPEL TRUTH's founding member, PATRICK TRAVIS. Coming 5 years after the acclaimed, Dirty Fingernails, this is the band’s 6th album. No one thought it could be done (and no one cared) until Gerard Cosloy asked, “Hey, are you guys making another record?”, to which The Golden Boys replied, “will you buy us some Texas Chili Parlor?” He said, “yes” (EDITOR’S NOTE : I do not remember this conversation). STUART SIKES (Loretta Lynn, Manhunt, A Giant Dog, Grifters) presided over the remarkable recordings. So here we are, with our newest and...

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12XU 099-1 

Dirty Fingernails by Golden Boys

Golden Boys

Dirty Fingernails

***“Even after the disaster that was ‘Shortcut to Memphis,’ THE GOLDEN BOYS are still a stunning example of rock'n'roll from the heart. Separate The Golden Boys and you get 5 destructive tornadoes of law defying drunkenness and self loathing (especially Schmitz) bring them together, and they form a sub-par action squad of stumble-drunk sweethearts who even at their worst...are the best band in the world. We really, really hate them for that. Formed in 2000 in between BRYAN SCHMITZ's (bass) MATT HOOPENGARDNER’s (guitar, vocals) and JOHN WESELY COLEMAN’s (guitar, vocals) stints in jail and on drugs, the boys have formed something tangible through 5 LP’s worth of material. Through the addition of drum beater PAT TRAVIS and total asshole NAY NAY ARBIETMAN (keyboards) the band has cultivated a truly Texan sound. Their songs are Texan in their drunken reverie and Texan in their tender heartache. Despite Pat being the 2nd drummer, Nay Nay being kicked out 3 times, and Matt breaking up the band about a dozen times, they've managed to pull it together for a couple of disastrous, yet well received U.S tours. They even got a European tour under their sweaty belts. Well done, Boys. All in all, The Golden Boys are a fun group of grouchy sweethearts that will come to your house, charm your girl, drink all your booze, then dip out of there. Yeah, they're fun to drink with.”—Spot Long and JJ Ruiz, Trailer Space, Austin, TX. (STREET DATE - 3/20/2012)

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12XU 033 

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MF012 CD 

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MF008 CD 

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