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Grinding For Gruel by Golden Pelicans

Golden Pelicans

Grinding For Gruel

***Over the course of the last 8 years, Orlando’s GOLDEN PELICANS have made a compelling case for themselves as one of the planet’s most relentlessly malevolent ensembles, both live and on record.?! Thankfully, however, this is not an episode of “Hot Bench” and rather than finger-pointing and tearful recriminations, I’ll offer as evidence their succession of titles for the Total Punk and Goner labels with which the quartet of vocalist ERIK GRINCEWICZ, guitarist SCOTT BARNES, bassist SAMMY MENESES and drummer RICH EVANS have made reached American punk’s apex in the 2 thousand teens more than once (like goalposts, the thing moves around a bit).?! On the band’s 2019 entry, Grinding For Gruel, recorded by RYAN BELL of GG King / Predator, Grinewicz’ fatalism and Barnes’ not-nearly-heralded-enough virtuosity are captured with the sort of chromatic sheen that would’ve at one time been considered unthinkable (well, before electricity was invented, anyway).?!

LP $17.75


12XU 118-1 

Disciples Of Blood by Golden Pelicans

Golden Pelicans

Disciples Of Blood

The third thug rock masterpiece from these Orlando miscreants lays waste to the land with gruff voice and loud, raw guitar backed by in-pocket bass and drums.?! As of late, their boot-stomp beat has been ringing true across the land—born of Slade and AC/DC, Rose Tattoo and Coloured Balls, it’s the sound shared by punkers Slaughter And The Dogs and modern acts such as Melbourne’s Power.?! Golden Pelicans blends this blast with only the strongest essences of punk, hardcore, and metal on Disciples Of Blood, their latest album. Guitar attack has been given more space to do its damage, and the band moves into a new, even more aggressive direction.?! Check out the cover, once again by Mac Blackout—this time the mayhem has been taken from black and white into full-color carnage.?!

LP $16.00

04/21/2017 600385274210 

139 GONE LP 

CD $12.00

04/21/2017 600385274227 

139 GONE CD 

MP3 $7.99

04/21/2017 600385274234 

139 GONE 

FLAC $8.99

04/21/2017 600385274234 

139 GONE 

Oldest Ride Longest Line by Golden Pelicans

Golden Pelicans

Oldest Ride Longest Line
Total Punk

***"After making a run at the heavyweight championship of the punk rock world with their debut long player back in 2014, the GOLDEN PELICANS are back with a new 12”—and this time they’re determined to take the belt back to Orlando.?! On Oldest Ride, Longest Line the Pelicans bolster their patented thug punk attack with monstrous riffs straight out of the seventies Aussie hard rock playbook.?! Think of an alternate reality where Black Flag got stuck on Rose Tattoo instead of Black Sabbath and you’re almost there.?! However, like any veteran of the ring, the Pelicans are more than just a bunch of one-move jabronies.?! Sure, the nine songs on this record seethe with an aggressive swagger guaranteed to put hair on your chest, but these guys have the brains to meld their tough-guy bravado to the type of memorable hooks that serve as the backbone for all the best punk rock.?! The result is a non-stop rager that rips from start to finish.?!

LP $14.25



BACK IN STOCK!!! Remember your creepy uncle that lived in your grandma’s basement and always snuck you beers at Thanksgiving while regaling you with tales of all the trouble he got into at high school and how “bad ass” everything was when he was growing up.?! Well imagine him and all his derelict buddies formed a punk band.?! THE GOLDEN PELICANS are that band and after three singles they are back with their first 12-inch.?! Eight blasts of raging riff heavy punk action clocking in at just over 14 minutes and 100% TOTAL PUNK.?! Edition of 500 copies in silkscreened jackets..?!

12" $14.00


TPR 104 

***This bunch of Floridian cavemen keep on devolving and destroying! GOLDEN PELICANS’ third release has two more hot trashy tracks made by real live punks who are fucking shit up now.?! Certified: "not some fake-ass reissue bullshit".?! Hand number, 300 copies..?!

7" $7.25


PPW 008 

The Earls / Chained To This Dumpster by Golden Pelicans

Golden Pelicans

The Earls / Chained To This Dumpster
Total Punk

***Orlando's keepers of the dump are back with a brand new 7" on Total Punk.?! Last year they proved they were the toughest gang in O-Town with their "Hard Head" single, and now with “The Earls” encroaching on their turf, the GOLDEN PELICANS really bring the muscle.?! Two tracks of pounding raw punk slop covered in feedback and all held together by KING G's gravelly vocals.?! 100% grade A TOTAL PUNK..?!

7" $6.30


TPR 14 

***From the ashes of the SLIPPERY SLOPES comes the GOLDEN PELICANS.?! While the Slippery Slopes wanted to play your party, The Golden Pelicans are more interested in ruining it.?! Ugly, middle aged, and overwhelmingly disliked as people The Golden Pelicans are here to ruin your good times.?! Generally regarded as crotchety old men by the local young punks, disgusting buffoons by the "weird beer" sect, and intellectually stunted by the community at large, the Pelicans are giving you the chance to join this highly esteemed club.?! Two tough edged punk rippers with Link Wray riffs abound and a punk growler KING G front and center screaming about death trips, Florida life, and thick skulls..?!

7" $6.00


TPR 10