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The world has a way of tethering one down with its turmoil but there are keys to float free.?! It sometimes takes an equal and opposite reaction to snuff out the madness.?! Whether one’s destination is far out or deep within, a spark is needed to set these moves in motion.?! Thankfully, Gravité are here to help.?! Their heavy vision and sounds light the path and give weight to release.For Gravité’s self-titled debut album on Empty Cellar Records, synthesizer voyagers Matthew Riley and Aaron Diko have plugged in to get the vibratory field humming into infinite vision mode.These eight tracks—performed on a collection of classic and reissued analog equipment: Juno 60, Prodigy, Mono/Poly, Minimoog, SH-01A, MS20, Minilogue, Volcakeys, TR-08—are an introduction to a new creative collaboration.This is portal music for mortal metamorphosis, shaped and reshaped via endless improvisation and perhaps some psychedelics.?!

LP $19.00

12/18/2020 767870665196 

EMP 049 

CD $9.50

12/18/2020 767870665202 

EMP 049 CD 

MP3 $5.94

12/18/2020 767870665202 

EMP 049 

FLAC $6.99

12/18/2020 767870665202 

EMP 049