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Milo Goes To Compton by Green, Colleen

Green, Colleen

Milo Goes To Compton
Art Fag

Colleen Green has accepted reality, and to deal with it, she candidly describes the components of hers—heartache, separation and true love—on her first album, Milo Goes to Compton. Inspired by the honesty of freaks like Mike Hunchback, the shit-fi of DIY bands like The Thermals and Nobunny, and all the poppiest melodies of her favorite singles, stoned songwriter Colleen Green delivers the original pop soundtrack to the days you spend in a daze. This half-hour, eight-song album runs the gamut in musical styles, from Ramones-ripoff pop punk to dreamy, stoned drone to getting-ready-for-da-club shit. It’s dumb, dirty fun for the most part, but it’s also sweet and sincere. Listen once and you will understand that it’s as real as the girl herself.

LP $13.00

02/21/2012 655035018812 

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MC $6.75

11/18/2014 634457652149 

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***BACK IN PRINT ON NEW BLOOD RED VINYL!!!  A Boston native turned California Girl, Colleen Green subscribes to the Ramones’ grungy lessons and adds to them the laissez-faire cool of modern California stoner pop. With songs about the little things—dancing with your friends or wanting boys to like you—Green explores the ways one tries to get rid of heartache. She’s a sad songwriter, without a doubt, and the upbeat, clapping drumbeats and simple chord progressions only facilitate her cathartic tales of loneliness. On past releases, Green has covered everyone from Blink-182 to NoBunny to get her feelings across. “I just love songs with catchy melodies and sad-sack lyrics,” she says. Green’s live show is a lesson in being the coolest girl in school—she stands stark still, alone on stage (save for sometimes a drummer), her face half-obscured by bangs and sunglasses, and sings her songs without many flourishes. Green describes herself as “wicked lazy and poor,” but exudes that I-couldn’t-possibly-give-less-of-a-fuck vibe more than anything else. To celebrate the release of the limited-edition Cujo EP, she will embark on a tour supporting Dum Dum Girls and Crocodiles in October.

12" $13.00

11/01/2011 655035018713 

AF 017 

MC $6.75

11/18/2014 634457652446 

BRGR 645