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***HALF MAKESHIFT is the project of Maryland’s NATHAN MICHAEL, one of the most promising young musicians in North America’s experimental music scene. With Half Makeshift, Michael creates wondrous cinematic soundscapes that evoke powerful imagery and scenery, serene yet devastating, subtle yet destructive. Mastered my JAMES PLOTKIN. For fans of Sunn O))), Nadja, Godspeed You Black Emperor, and A Silver Mt. Zion. (STREET DATE - 3/25/2008)

CD $12.00

03/25/2008 880270226221 

PFL 033 CD 

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***HALF MAKESHIFT is the solo project of Pennsylvania's NATHAN MICHAEL . The first release under the Half Makeshift moniker, Aphotic Leech, released by Utech Records, was a single expansive track of strained piano, ominous war drums and subterranean guitar noise described by Brainwashed as "nothing short of massive" and "an entire world of sound with viscerally effective moments." L'anse Amort contains four tracks that expand on Aphotic Leech's density, creating more space and reflection, more peaks and valleys. The monumental 17-minute opener "Whale Heart" builds from a simple melody and crackling electro-static to eventually collapse under its own weight in a huge Nadja-esque wall of drone riffery. Tracks like "Oblivion" and the title track recall the vast landscapes of Bohren Und Der Club Of Gore and even Radiohead at their most adventurous. Different from anything previously released by 20 Buck Spin, L'anse Amort is epic in a way most "post-rock" bands can only aspire to. Comes specially packaged in a vertical gatefold with four photographic postcards.

CD $9.50

08/28/2007 721616801521 

SPIN 015 CD 

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