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Lust In Peace by Hand & Leg

Hand & Leg

Lust In Peace

***The Kritikal Beatdown continues as Black Gladiator and Slovenly Recordings present the second album from Athens via Crete dynamik duo HAND & LEG. The new LP is called Lust In Peace and it advances the post-punk infused concoction of blazing garage and art-driven destructo-rock as established on their grinding debut. Murky shades of sexual negativity plow forth with the help of white hot distortion, alternating between soul crushing fuzz bass dirges, ungodly squalls of noise, and occasional playful rhythmic rituals that offer brief respite from the saturation of musical sadism. (STREET DATE - 9/06/2019)

LP $15.50

09/06/2019 194171150098 


***Greek freak-rock has finally slithered its way into the Black Gladiator stable after years of us trying to keep everything as America-centric—as the birthplace of rock’n’roll—as possible. Sometimes you just glom onto a sound that stimulates your cochlea in such a manner that its origin becomes as meaningless as rock’n’roll itself. Athens duo HAND & LEG is the unit that has popped our intercontinental cherry with their debut, self-titled album of throbbing arthouse post-punk, sonically akin to the more stripped-down elements of the French glue-wave scene. IRO (bass guitar) and STELIOS (drums) bleed gross distortion over grinding sex beats with precision, alternating vox on tributes to unlikely American folk gods Dave van Ronk and Lester Bangs, while channeling the traditional, Minoan minimal music of Crete to complete their primitive manifesto: The Kritikal Beatdown. LP is limited to a one-and-done press of 500 copies.

LP $15.50

12/22/2017 191061806936