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Harris, Xander / Dylan Ettinger

"Xander Harris and Dylan Ettinger carve up a killer 7" on this moonlight rogue mission for Minneapolis-based Moon Glyph Recordings. For his best outing since last year's acclaimed 'Urban Gothic' LP episode, Harris is evidently amped up for 'The Driver' with pedal-to-the-metal NRG disco rhythm outlined by frightfully effective synth stabs and cruising-at-100mph chords. Flipside Dylan Ettinger's 'Tipoff' is a more insidious minimal wave gem. Throbbing, distorted, stoic bass anchors intense synthline modulations while a tormented voice yelps like he means it, making for an ominous, uneasy piece of synthesized drama."--Boomkat

MP3 $1.98

04/10/2012 655035005072 

MG 40