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S/t (7 inch) by Hpp


S/t (7 inch)

***“The second and most developed release from Olympia's HPP. This EP has a much more focused and determined vibe. The panic and confusion that runs through the LP is still intact, but the manic state has matured into something more. What started as a gang of unbalanced and unwanted outsiders, has become a group of cunning and motivated Killers. They attack each track with an intentional violence, that leaves the listener with a frothing cocktail of equal parts fear, anxiety, sympathy and excitement. When ingested, your forehead will tingle with euphoric rage; the taste of snorted Xanax and Pall Mall cigarettes that lingers in your mouth is inevitable. Your death is eminent. 6 tracks 45rpm.”

7" $8.05


PRNL 005 

***“The sound and feel of the small Northwest town is on HPP's back. The weird stares, limited options, and cheap beer escapes. They have crappy hangovers all the time and get loose in the evening listening to Sly Stone, Harry Partch and P.I. on a tape that will only play the wrong speed. Eating frozen pizza on their scummed up couches. Beautiful art. 15 songs 45rpm.”

12" $15.50


PRNL 003