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Hydromatics, The

Parts Unknown by Hydromatics, The

Hydromatics, The

Parts Unknown

***The Hydromatics feature a genuine Detroit legend in the form of Scott Morgan, from Sonic's Rendezvous Band (alongside the MC5's Fred "Sonic" Smith). Morgan formed the Hydromatics alongside Nicke Royale (The Hellacopters) and guitarist Tony Slug (Loveslug) in 1998 and released an awesome debut album in '99 called Parts Unknown that revisited the Motor City rock sounds of yesteryear in the form of a modern-day power punk rawk outfit, which is now finally being reissued. The album starts out with a burning remake of "Earthy" from the Sonic´s Rendezvous Band and it continues to smoke all the way thru. No ballads. Morgan sings his ass off and the band provides much sonic firepower to back up his massive vocal gusto, switching gears effortlessly between kick ass hard rock and smoky soul. It's a potent cocktail for sure and one that fans of this genre would be foolish to pass up on. Not for diehard punk or metal fans, this is a treat best enjoyed by cats who like to rock n' roll and dig the swingin' sounds of the '60s—albeit as pounded through walls of Marshals and a thick curtain of horns and noise. Absolutely necessary for fans of Sonic´s Rendezvous Band, MC5, Stooges, The Hellacopters, Bored!, and Tony Slug (Loveslug).

LP $32.25

05/24/2024 8435008876746