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Imitation Electric Piano

Blow It Up, Burn It Down, Kick It € by Imitation Electric Piano

Imitation Electric Piano

Blow It Up, Burn It Down, Kick It €
Drag City

***The third release in the past five years from this group founded by SIMON JOHNS (STEREOLAB) and ANDREW BLACK (FELT, PRIMAL SCREAM), and their first to feature vocals, courtesy of Brighton folkstress MARY HAMPTON. Ten songs about breaking up, self-doubt and the death of close friends, delivered with the band’s signature catchy riffs and grooves with plaintive, fragile melodies on top. Rounding out the album are JOE WATSON (Stereolab) and LEE ADAMS, along with guest appearances from DOMINIC JEFFERY (Stereolab) and JEAN EMMANUELLE (aka BAIKONOUR).

CD $13.75

10/17/2006 781484032328 

DC 323 CD 

***STEREOLAB bassist SIMON JOHNS strikes a solo pose for this not-to-sweet but catchy-as-fuck record but fear not ye who follow in devoted worship of "The Lab", Simon's keeping his night-job.

CD $11.25

05/01/2001 781484020424 

DC 204 CD