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Mental Hygiene by Internal Rot

Internal Rot

Mental Hygiene
Iron Lung

"Crunchy grind is what comes to mind after listening to this 30 minute monster. I’ll be honest straight up. I’m a fan of selective grind and it so happens I love exactly this kind of grind, so imagine my drooling when I first heard this. Internal Rot embody the purest traits that quality grind contains – violence and freedom. ‘Mental Hygiene’ will grab you by the collar and throw you straight into a pit of wild boars. You will be shredded into pieces in the frenzy that ‘Mental Hygiene’ creates. Musically, it is infused with punk thrash elements and the guitar tone it carries is jagged edged similar to what Insect Warfare, Wormrot, Infanticide and Death Toll 80k employ; and that is saying “it slays”. So fans who have heard these bands before should know what to expect and be ready to lap it up. Right from the first track ‘Muciferous’, the album is a gateway to unbridled anger and consequently, freedom. The 30 odd minutes get over in a blink of an eye. After absolutely four murderous tracks, the band also manages to get some groove in via the aptly named ‘Sex Everywhere’! It obviously doesn’t make sense to distinguish between songs in a top grindcore album like this, but ‘Internal Rot’ insert some slight shifts in tempo; alternating between blazingly fast and slightly slower mosh ready parts. Albeit for a few seconds, this keeps the attention of the listener and gives some breathing room like midway through ‘Nose...

MP3 $9.90

08/21/2020 767870664380 


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08/21/2020 767870664380 


Grieving Birth by Internal Rot

Internal Rot

Grieving Birth
Iron Lung

***Absolutely pulverizing grindcore as lethal as running a marathon in the open desert without any water. There are no tricks, no gimmicks, no pitch shift, no triggers, no psychic surgery, just grind. Do you grind? Because this fucking grinds. Did mention that it grinds. It does. It grinds. A pure record. 250 copies on dark blue vinyl housed in a 24pt jacket with poster and download card included. Art by XAVIER IRVINE, CHRISTOPH WINKLER and VICKY MORALES. Recorded by JASON FULLER, ALEX MCFARLANE and Xavier Irvine. Mastered by MIKEY YOUNG.

LP $17.75


LUNGS 153 

MP3 $7.99

02/28/2020 767870661495 

LUNGS 153 

FLAC $8.99

02/28/2020 767870661518