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New Sex Society by Inutili


New Sex Society

***INUTILI from Teramo, Italy has been in constant progression over the last 7 years. Their latest move is the addition of saxophone player LUCA DI GIAMMARCO. His playing is smooth and soulful at times and aggressive as a hungry alligator when the band goes fast and hard. As a new edition to the band he plays on two of the songs, they each clock in at just under 20 minutes. Luca’s has a few solo parts, they make me think of “a love supreme.” Suddenly though the floor drops out and the band is on a tear, madness, songs within songs. The band’s sixth album New Sex Society, also has some long-form pop songs, “Singing Dogs” clocks in at 4:05, “Space Time Bubble” at 8: 39.

LP $11.00


AGO 120