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Mental Distancing by Iron Lung

Iron Lung

Mental Distancing
Iron Lung

IRON LUNG played Robert and Karoline's 20th wedding anniversary party with HIDE in San Francisco about a thousand years ago. A truly great evening with much love and laughter and togetherness. We made plans for future collaborations and shows and everything else. The Covid-19 pandemic completely destroyed that type of thing for few years and sent a lot of us into a hellish vortex of anxiety and depression while we isolated ourselves and the society we once knew fell deeper into chaos. Frankly, it was too much to handle. All work stopped. We managed to record about 40 minutes worth of material shortly before the pandemic and these songs are from that. It serves as something to tide you over until we finish recording the new album. Hopefully, by the end of this year. Thank you. -Jensen

MP3 $1.99

07/29/2022 733102728281 

LUNGS 220 

FLAC $2.99

07/29/2022 733102728281 

LUNGS 220 

Life, Iron Lung, Death by Iron Lung

Iron Lung

Life, Iron Lung, Death
Iron Lung

REMASTERED AND REISSUED ON VINYL!!!Edition of 400 copies on black vinyl with download."I may have a million ways of saying brutal, but Life. Iron Lung. Death. has left me damn near speechless. Anyone who reads this zine ( with any frequency knows that I live for IRON LUNG. In fact, I have been known to mark time by using IRON LUNG releases as reference points. Some of you may have thought me a bit daft. Some of you may have thought I 'overdid' it in my praise of the band. Well, HA HA HA! Once you listen to this album, you'll see that I was RIGHT and you were WRONG! There simply aren't enough words of praise in the English language for me to adequately sing the praises of this album. Jon and Jensen have outdone themselves. Literally. Some of the moments on this are the fastest IRON LUNG have ever tackled and others are the most sludge filled. So many extreme bands seem to reach a cruising speed early in their careers and then just ride it out. IRON LUNG, by contrast, keeps pushing harder and faster each year. The band takes the momentum of the split LP with LANA DAGALES (the band's finest work until now) and cranks everything up one more notch. If you are one of the unlucky ones who have not yet learned to breathe with an IRON LUNG, then this is the perfect album to start with."—Jeb Branin 2004

LP $17.75


LUNGS 069 

Cold Storage I by Iron Lung

Iron Lung

Cold Storage I
Iron Lung

***NOW AVAILABLE!!! A collection of EPs, comp tracks and splits from the beginning of our band up to but not including the first album Life. Iron Lung. Death. 34 tracks in total. Full color foldout sleeve with all cover art, lyrics and pressing info for all the records. Pro printed and sealed. Very chic.

MC $6.75



White Glove Test by Iron Lung

Iron Lung

White Glove Test
Iron Lung

***BACK IN PRINT ON WHITE VINYL!!! “Slushat' comrades! White Glove Test is IRON LUNG's third studio album and follow-up to 2007's wildly successful Sexless//No Sex. What started out being the ‘slow industrial’ concept album and pointedly left-field endeavor turned into a frantically paranoid and claustrophobic power-violence masterpiece complete with water tight stop/start compositions leading the way to crushing sludge bits intermingled with blistering hardcore pummel. It's what adults of the Cold War era would refer to as ‘your typical kill-your-mother-kill-your-father type stuff’. The best FEEDING artwork to date adorns a heavy duty gatefold sleeve and high quality black vinyl. It also comes with a digital download that contains the music album, a companion noise album and a combination of the two for a total of three separate but equal annihilations.”

LP $15.50