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Nazm sees Jucifer deploy their familiar studio tactic: writing, arranging, producing, engineering, and playing all instruments themselves to create a sprawling concept album. This time, it’s to celebrate their shared love for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and central / south / west Asian traditional and pop music cultures with fourteen highly textured, intensely personal and passionately delivered original songs. Fans of the band likely know they can expect surprises with each album, as well as recordings which differ drastically at times from their live sound. In this tradition, Nazm strays far from the brutal excess of a Jucifer show (and of their recent releases Futility and District Of Dystopia) but, as with all Jucifer’s recordings, the point is not to imply any static trait of the band but instead to bring to life a story they’re telling.

2XLP $31.00

11/11/2022 721616551013 

VIRUS 510 

A glimpse at the hypnotic نظم album (coming soon on 2xLP!) this 7" strays far from the brutal excess Jucifer are best known for, but follows their tradition of resolutely unorthodox studio offerings. Blinding sunlight strikes silver in celebration: worn black cloth casts shadows over infinite dust. Founded in 1993, Jucifer pioneered the metal two piece. With 29 years of incessant touring the band carved its reputation for literally towering onstage sound, which careens venomously from their walls of speakers in every extreme and tempo of metal and punk. Jucifer's motto "sludge, black, grind, thrash, death, crust, doom, combine" or more briefly "genre=obliterate" is fair warning.

7" $6.75

08/12/2022 721616051179 


District Of Dystopia by Jucifer


District Of Dystopia
Alternative Tentacles

Jucifer, founded in Georgia in 1993, are pioneers of the sludge / doom / death metal two-piece. For their seventh full-length, Districts of Dystopia, Jucifer mounts a sonic assault chronicling the corruption and gross misuse of power in our nation’s capitol. Now, the story can be heard on vinyl through Jello Biafra’s Alternative Tentacles Records. Recorded in their RV during their never-ending tour of the planet, Districts of Dystopia offers nine of America’s ugliest history lessons put to record! “Non Gratus Anus Rodentum” (“Not Worth a Rat’s Ass” in Latin) is a sludgy, murky ode to the Tunnel Rats: US Army infantry soldiers who entered Viet Cong tunnel systems to kill enemy soldiers, oftentimes with just a bayonet, a .45, and a flashlight. “Decapitating the Regime” is all woozy riff and martial snare, tackling the reversal of the US’s initial support for Saddam Hussein’s regime over the course of both Gulf Wars—from the supply of weapons used in multiple horrific genocidal acts over the course of two decades to the eventual murder of thousands of Western military personnel by those same weapons. Through all nine tracks, G. Amber Valentine’s rasp and tar-thick guitars lay down a grimy, murky layer while her husband, Edgar Livengood, pounds aways at the drums. There’s no flash, no tricks, just straight-up raw power that would make Eyehategod stand up and take notice.  Unlike heavy duos that use loops, backing tracks or triggers to fill out their live sound, Jucifer relies on compositions designed to...

LP $16.00

10/23/2015 721616047219 

VIRUS 472 

за волгой для нас земли нет (There Is No Land Beyond the Volga) by Jucifer


за волгой для нас земли нет (There Is No Land Beyond the Volga)
Alternative Tentacles

An aural tempest brews as the history of a land steeped in epic struggle, passion and beauty spews forth—a history informed by the rhythm of the grasses, the waters, the animals and the nomad tribes—a history of armies, great battles, many deaths, iconic leaders and the followers loyal—to the cause of a land that tempts all men with the powers of conquest and trade—wars innumerable fought through winters of unspeakable loss—generations of warriors, soldiers, citizens noble—bred from this soil nourished by blood—the land is the body and soul. Tsaritsyn, Stalingrad, Volgograd—Russia. With their eighth full-length album, nomadic sludge death-drone duo Jucifer channels the soul / soil of a place called Volgograd into an hour and seventeen minutes of music as storied and powerful as the land and people to which they have dedicated this latest offering. Entitled за волгой для нас земли нет (“There Is No Land Beyond the Volga,” a quote from a Russian soldier in the battle of Stalingrad), Jucifer’s new concept album tells the history of Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad) from the perspective of its people, its soldiers, its children and the very land itself. And the music? Sonic S&M for the modern, corroded soul; untouchable epithets of beauty; grim odes to all that’s heavy—some of the best songwriting to emerge in modern extreme / heavy music today. There’s Sleep, there’s the Melvins, and there’s Jucifer. It’s that simple and strong. A hot oil bath of riff after vicious riff. Massive, distortion-soaked stoner sludge Sabbath worship—down-tuned, skin-curdling, infectious, headbanging riffs...

2XLP $16.00

11/26/2013 721616046113 


French monarchs in powdered wigs and Alternative Tentacles aren't exactly a match like peanut butter and chocolate, but the label is tickled pink to present a double-LP version of road-warrior duo Jucifer's latest opus, L'Autrichienne, a 21-song concept album exploring the French Revolution and Marie Antoinette's relationship with Louis XVI. (And of course, how can one not draw a parallel between the demise of the French monarchy and the plummeting approval ratings of our own idiot prince?)  Unlike Sofia Coppola's recent Manolos 'n' cupcakes take on the historical figure, L'Autrichienne--that's "The Austrian," referring to Marie Antoinette--Jucifer transposes the political rumblings of the era into their signature sound: Amber Valentine's bellowing guitar, Edgar Livengood's gunfire drums, and Valentine's versatile vocals shifting between Antoinette's fatal naivete and the peasantry's wrath. Comparisons to sludgy bands such as the Melvins and Sleep are inevitable, but a double-album's worth of material showcases their songwriting range from catchy, off-kilter rock songs reminiscent of early Pixies and breathy folk melodies to the bone-crushing doom rock their fans have come to expect.  This double-LP comes in beautiful gatefold packaging with an insert of lyrics and liner notes to match. A limited number of copies are on colored vinyl, so you can have your petit fours and eat them too. The CD version of this record was released on Relapse in March 2008.  "Valentine and Livengood unfurl a hypno-rock hurricane that swirls and sways with all the dizzying inevitability of a righteous Bastille-storming." --Paper-Thin Walls

2XLP $17.50

08/12/2008 721616038613