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Juicebumps is one of the Bay Area’s most idiosyncratic and captivating spank-rock bands. The quartet’s lean art-punk is centered on the irascible, catlike sound of Parker Richard’s wobbling flanger and the solid rock chassis provided by Shaina Pan’s elastic bass, Spencer Owings’ analog synth, and Kyle Nosler’s splintering drums. “Juicebumps navigate the high-wire feat of combining herky-jerky rhythms with pop melodies, off-kilter subject matter and an irreverent, trash-culture worldview. And they do it successfully — balancing those elements in a way that never lets one characteristic overwhelm the incongruent others.”—SFWEEKLY “Imbued with the best of their San Fran art-punk predecessors, Juicebumps delivers an urgent debut that takes intriguing mixtures of disparate styles and unexpected detours in composition, demanding constant attention throughout its 36 minutes. Hello Pinky! firmly places the band as one of the most exciting acts in California right now.”—Heads on Sticks

LP $28.00


RIYH 017