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Winnipeg, Canada’s KEN mode plays metallic noise rock with touches of post-metal, hardcore, sludge and doom—a product of long, hard winters culminating in a sound that whips, pummels and lacerates its audience like a wicked Manitoba wind. The power trio bares only the essential ingredients necessary to deliver maximum impact and is an exercise in efficiency and ferocity. Since 1999, they have played all over Canada, the US and Europe with the likes of Pelican, Daughters, Buried Inside, The End, Gaza, Engineer and Taint, and done various regional dates with Mastodon, Burnt by the Sun, Cursed, Baroness, Bison BC, Propagandhi, These Arms Are Snakes, Despised Icon, etc. With Venerable, the band unleashes their fourth and most devastating work to date. Recorded by veteran producer Kurt Ballou (Converge, Trap Them, Old Man Gloom) at Godcity Studios, the album is a volatile blend of epic, crushing hardcore fused with a Voivod-like metallic surge and sludgy doom influences. Devastation this massive has not been witnessed since the early experiments of Today Is the Day. Venerable is easily KEN mode’s best work to date, surpassing even 2006’s Reprisal, and will land the group at the top of the North American noise rock / hardcore scene.

CD $12.00

03/15/2011 616892123361 

PFL 074 

MP3 $9.90

03/15/2011 616892123361