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Electronic World by Kink Gong

Kink Gong

Electronic World

***After recording the indigenous music of countless Asian villages and releasing over 50 CDRs of these documents on his own label, LAURENT JEANNEAU debuts his own KINK GONG electro project on Atavistic.?! "Since 1995 I am involvedd in 2 complementary activities—first recording ethnic minority music, mostly in southeast Asia (India, Tanzania, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, China); and second, composing electronic music that includes or transforms those recordings.?! Every country has a different context, so also my approach is different—depending on how much time I spend, how close I am with the people, the degree of acculturation, how easy it is to find musicians, the political situation, who I am working with.?! In many cases, I seem to be the first one to record those musicians; I am aware of this exclusive dimension, but this is not essential.?! I won't pretend that I'm doing it for saving endangered cultures, nowadays everyone is using those words..." -LJ, 2009..?!

CD $15.75

09/21/2009 735286119428 

ALP 194 CD