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***Klangmutationen are an mystery.?! More could be said about what their music isn't than what it is.?! Hailing from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the underground experimentalists pierce the veils of Eastern and Western music.?! Recalling early sets on FMP as well as the Takayanagi/Abe axis of Japanese free music, Schwarzhagel is the sound of a spirit falling past its own life after death, forever..?!

CD $15.50


URCD 019 CD 

Klangmutationen is composed of individuals who are quite possibly the only figures within Malaysia’s recent history of underground experimental/avant rock music—if there even was one.?! The word “Klangmutationen” means “Sound Mutations” or “Sound Changes.” Klangmutationen (excluding American Mr.?! G) hail from a small town on the west coast of Malaysia called Klang.?! Although no Teutonic connection has ever been found to exist between the German word and the origins of the town’s name, it is nevertheless a happy coincidence for the group.  Sonically, Klangmutationen marries the heavier and primitive side of Krautrock with the relentless ferocity of avant-jazz—in particular the style expressed by early FMP releases and the Japanese variety as chiefly approached by the Takayanagi/Abe school.?!

LP $13.00