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Knights Of The New Crusade

The Christian rock scene is replete with slick, careerist bands whose lyrics gingerly tread on the ecumenical outskirts of religious allusions in an attempt to alienate as few mainstream rock consumers as possible. It's no wonder that The Knights of the New Crusade, with their resolute unconcern for compromise (Matthew 16:26), became a flashpoint for contention in both the Christian and secular rock music worlds. Their first album, 2004's My God Is Alive! Sorry About Yours!, combined gut-level garage punk music and unrepentant Christian lyrics to make Christian rock relevant in a way it had never been before. The Pharisees of the Christian rock establishment were quick to make their disapproval known, and the Knights of the New Crusade answered with their Kierkegaardean opus Knight Beat: A Challenge to the Cowards of Christendom, a rallying cry for true disciples of Christ who were tired of the hypocritical Christianity prevalent in our society. Now, the Knights and Alternative Tentacles bring you Knight Vision: Hymns for the Invisible Church, a rich and deep tapestry displaying their spiritual, intellectual, and musical development. An Eastern mysticism may be identified amid the solid garage rock foundations, but do not let such elements obfuscate the nature of Knights' dedication to Christendom.

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VIRUS 420 

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A Challenge To The Cowards Of Christendom by Knights Of The New Crusade

Knights Of The New Crusade

A Challenge To The Cowards Of Christendom
Alternative Tentacles

Meet the most controversial garage band to storm the music scene in years! Combining a furious garage punk assault with an uncompromising and literal devotion to the Holy Bible, the KNIGHTS OF THE NEW CRUSADE are without a doubt the most divisive band in both the Christian music and punk rock circles. It's quite understandable that you may feel dismayed, betrayed even, that we'd get mixed up with a band who delivers such an in-your-face spiritual message. But listen, dear friend, after much soul-searching--and flying objects around the office--we at Alternative Tentacles decided shunning the KNIGHTS would be reverse discrimination which would deny us, and you, the pleasure of the rockin' tuneage on Knight Beat, their second full-length and AT debut. After all, the KNIGHTS OF THE NEW CRUSADE's stated objective is to take Christianity back from the powerful hypocrites who have hijacked it and to make Christian Rock that actually rocks! Besides, we at Alternative Tentacles thrive on controversy, especially when it's as double-edged as the sword they wield on stage. While the Christian scene debates their tactics (you should see the angry e-mails!), the secular underground dukes it out: are they...or aren't they? Their music is good enough that members of just about every Bay Area punk and garage band have been rumored to be among these self-styled musical and spiritual warriors. Has JELLO's taste for the extreme finally gone off the deep end? Or is this the most diabolical concept band since ...... a certain tall fellow's...

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03/28/2006 721616035216 

VIRUS 352 

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