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What Was Once Is By And Gone by Koski, Darius

Koski, Darius

What Was Once Is By And Gone
Fat Wreck Chords

***BACK IN PRINT!!! DARIUS KOSKI has spent nearly three decades building a body of work as a member of SWINGIN' UTTERS and FILTHY THIEVING BASTARDS, as well as launching a solo career with his 2015 debut album Sisu. Much has been made of Koski's prolific nature, but it is his work ethic that allows him to constantly push boundaries and expand his creative plate. Now we bring you Koski's most expansive work to date in What Was Once Is By And Gone. While the debut album Sisu leaned heavy on Koski's Americana Influences, What Was Once Is By And Gone sees him taking an even more eclectic approach, celebrating the diverse nature of his musical acuity. Though not a concept record, What Was Once Is By And Gone feels cinematic, with layers of instruments building a distinct world, using instrumental pieces to shift the album’s tone and tenor like a director uses a film score.

LP $25.50

11/17/2017 751097099117 

FAT 991 

CD $13.25

11/03/2017 751097099124 

FAT 991 CD 

***Known for his career with legendary punk band SWINGIN’ UTTERS, DARIUS KOSKI’s abilities as a song writer and musician are undeniable. Though many fans only associate him with his punk rock success, the realm of his expertise expands far beyond. Darius’ first official solo album, Sisu, is the perfect window into the lesser known side of his song writing. Of course, there were occasional glimpses along the way. Swingin’ Utters classics like “Fruitless Fortunes,” “Glass House,” and “Shadows & Lies” were originally written as solo material. But now, with the release of Sisu, we get a full view. Comprised of 15 tracks, Sisu is a veritable grab bag of acoustic genres and instrumentation, replete with guitar, piano, banjo, accordion, violin, glockenspiel, vibraphone, melodica and ukulele. From the haunting honkytonk piano on “Paper Tigers” to the galloping rhythm and surf guitar accents on “Howls From the Gale,” Sisu weaves its way through country, blues, acoustic indie, bluegrass, and both American and Irish folk. Although every track highlights a unique genre, each song shares the strong sense of melody Darius honed through years of writing hit songs for the Swingin’ Utters. (STREET DATE - 4/07/2015)

LP $25.50

04/07/2015 751097094013 

FAT 940