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Formed in Tokyo, Japan in the summer of 2017, Kruelty has emerged as the most notable artist to find that sweet spot where the amalgamation of heavy beatdown hardcore and ’90s American / Scandinavian death / doom metal meet—a blueprint of brutality the band slams and unleashes. Untopia is the ultimate convergence of punishing death metal riffs and mind-blowing breakdowns influenced by Japanese and ’90s East Coast hardcore bands. 2020 saw the release of Kruelty’s debut album A Dying Truth and revealed itself as one of the heaviest albums that year. With their new album, they release an album even bigger in scope and ultimately heavier than their debut. Expect Kruelty to crush stages live in cities throughout 2023 with tours planned in North America, Europe, Australia, Asia etc.

CD $12.00

03/17/2023 843563157558 

PFL 294 CD 

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03/17/2023 843563157534 

PFL 294 

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PFL 294 CD 

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PFL 294 CD 

A Dying Truth by Kruelty


A Dying Truth
Profound Lore

Japan’s Kruelty was formed in 2017 and play a brutal and devastating mix of beatdown hardcore and punishing doomy death metal. Their debut full-length album A Dying Truth follows several splits and a single EP along with a slew of live shows, and is a savage and monolithic slab of what an ideal mix between vicious hardcore and brutal death metal should encompass. Mixed by Taylor Young (Nails).

LP $20.25

05/22/2020 843563127056 

PFL 242