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La Vampires By Octo Octa

***OCTO OCTA adds the melancholy to LA VAMPIRES infinite fadness on Freedom 2K, their reachin’/preachin’ 50/50 collaboration on 100% Silk. Here LaVamps has traded her cheap n’ chic booty-budget grooves for sleek n’ chic haunted house. With lyrical references to Minnie Riperton, Arthur Russell, and Evelyn Champagne King, vocalist AMANDA BROWN reappropriates realms of romance, skewing them into fresh sonic moods. Her wash n’ rinse sing/speak is backed by NICK MALKIN’s keys-like-skippin’-stones, BRITT BROWN’s Tex-Mix dub-bumps, and BRIAN FOOTE’s sense and sexpertise, which are all just spit and shine for Octo Octa’s moonlit piano naïve melodies. Gloss and glow design by aesthetic-elevator BOBBY HOULIHAN, with silver and pink toned drop-of-androgeny photography by ASHLEY ANTHONY, will push your candy buttons. Freedom 2K provides dance-or-be-danced-on anthems for the 21st Century, with a diagonal devotion to our generation’s gay nineties. “We were living in a fantasy”—George Michael, Freedom 90.

12" $14.00


SILK 031 

MP3 $5.94

05/29/2012 655035011813