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This was COM 8, Willie Lane's solo debut. Long term guitarist alongside MV & EE and one of the original members of the Bummer Road/Golden Road. Founder of his own label Cord Art releasing second full length on LP as leader called "Known Quantity" followed by a 7 inch single "Sleepy Hands" b/w "Arrested For Decay". Appears on Espers II, has gigged with Tom Carter and Meg Baird, has a duo project Slurp Dogs, a duo with Grant Acker (of Un fame) released on cassette via Sloow Tapes.  "I’d just played a showcase inside a Hampshire College yurt when MV invited me up to Max Arousal to do a COM.  I guess he dug my discreet use of a Distortion+. His offer took me by surprise, as the Child of Microtones imprint wasn’t known for keeping a stable outside the Tower axis.  Nevertheless, I hit my flanger with some pot cleaner and headed north to Guilford, relishing the idea of my own edition of 99. The recording process was country-simple: I spent the day and night riffing in the skyhouse while MV massaged the signal on its path from dov electronics to Tascam.  No prepared material; I just played what I felt, depending on the Slopbucket quotient, and tried to serve up enough raw meat to render a COM-worthy loaf.   EE furnished me with an exquisite sruti bedrock for the Fender-driven ragas.  When frets were fried we adjourned to McNeill’s, where, incidentally, I was hired on the spot to deliver...

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