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We Are The Champions of the World by Lawrence Arms

Lawrence Arms

We Are The Champions of the World
Fat Wreck Chords

***Culled From the band’s entire discography, which includes their releases on Asian Man Records, Epitaph Records, and FAT, We Are The Champions Of The World serves as both a retrospective and an introduction to the Chicago institution. The track list was handpicked by the band bassist / vocalist BRENDAN KELLY, guitarist / vocalist CHRIS MCCAUGHAN, and drummer NEIL HENNESSY in order to show how these three friends went from making gritty, lo-fi records to becoming some of the sharpest songwriters in all of punk. In addition to the monumental track list, all the liner notes were written by Kelly and McCaughan. They both reflect on how each song came to be, sharing anecdotes about what inspired them to put pen to paper, without explicitly detailing what the songs are about. The result is a fun glimpse into the band’s creative process, that preserves the mythology built up by fans over the years. Finally, the track list boasts a little something new for even the most seasoned fans of THE LAWRENCE ARMS, with 5 previously unreleased and super rare songs. In all, We Are The Champions Of The World serves as the perfect collection for newcomers and longtime fanatics alike. (STREET DATE - 3/30/2018)

CD $15.00

03/30/2018 751097098424 

FAT 984 CD 

2XLP $32.25

03/30/2018 751097098417 

FAT 984 

***BACK IN STOCK!!! Note new price. The latest from pop-punk touring machine the LAWRENCE ARMS. Compared to great three-piece bands like Jawbreaker, and the more contemporary Alkaline Trio, Lawrence Arms further develop their frantic version of ornate Midwestern power pop with this release. Cohesion between co-vocalists (CHRIS and BRENDAN) makes for the band’s best album to date. Twelve alcohol-induced stories of friendship and love, spattered with literary references, and jokes on pop culture permeate the lyrical content of the album. Even a nod to author Judy Bloom is dished with "Are You There Margaret? It’s Me, God."

LP $25.50

03/07/2006 751097070314 

FAT 703  

CD $7.25

03/07/2006 751097070321 

FAT 703 CD 

Greatest Story Ever Told by Lawrence Arms

Lawrence Arms

Greatest Story Ever Told
Fat Wreck Chords

***The second Fat Wreck album from Chicago punk trio the LAWRENCE ARMS. Fourteen tracks of shit-hot melodic punk rock, smoked with dual vocals, schizophrenia, alcohol, lowbrow culture, and pinkie-raised art. Packaged with great artwork.

LP $25.50

09/30/2003 751097066812 

FAT 668  

CD $7.75

09/30/2003 751097066829 


Apathy and Exhaustion by Lawrence Arms

Lawrence Arms

Apathy and Exhaustion
Fat Wreck Chords

***BACK IN STOCK!!! Note new price. Chicago's gritty and clever punk darlings celebrate the end of a year-long tour, and return with a brand new album. Fronting both gravel-voiced and squeaky-clean vocals, the band tears through eleven tracks of defiant, desperate, and dangerous punk rock music. Features former members of SLAPSTICK, BROADWAYS, and BAXTER.

LP $25.50

02/19/2002 751097063712 

FAT 637  

CD $7.25

02/19/2002 751097063729 

FAT 637 CD