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***LOS CABALLOS DE DUSSELDORF (The Düsseldorf Horses) was formed by four punks from Spain as an improv collective, an open band with no fixed lineup in which anyone is welcome, so long as they are willing to play circuit-bent toys fabricated by OLAF LADOUSSE (LE DERNIER CRI collaborator and the visual artist behind DIY graphic zine Que Suerte!), which he calls “doorags,” in a tribute to the lo-fi blues-noise duo of the same name. On this, the second LP by LCDD, doorags are plugged in directly to the mixer and, no surprise, cacophony results. Lunacy from a demented child’s bedroom. POTRO OSCILANTE (POULIN OSCILLANT) joins the quartet on theremin for one track, and FELA BORBONE (ULAN BATOR TRIO) does the same with his mierdofon on another. European style jackets with silver stickers on front and back. Edition of 300.

LP $14.75


BTR 05