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Viva La Arthouse - Live In Melbourne 2010 by Leatherface


Viva La Arthouse - Live In Melbourne 2010
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***Viva La Arthouse is a celebration of their 2010 Stormy Petrel World Tour that took in Europe, Canada, America, Japan and Australia. This double live album was recorded and mixed at Melbourne's famous music venue The Arthouse by Poison City Record's MATT BODIAM. The recording was made in arrangement with bassist GRAEME PHILLISKIRK on the spur of the moment, with the other three members of the band unaware the gig was being recorded for posterity.

CD $13.00

08/16/2011 633757030824 


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Stormy Petrel by Leatherface


Stormy Petrel
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***NOW AVAILABLE ON VINYL!!! It’s a tall order to describe LEATHERFACE in a single paragraph, given the seemingly monumental footprint they’ve left on our little world of DIY punk rock. They encompass everything there is to love about independent music—inventing a trademarked and unmistakable playing style, influencing and inspiring dozens of bands who have since risen to the top of the heap, and always maintaining their humility and integrity. Renowned for STUBBS’ weathered yet melodic rasp and soaring GORDON SMITH guitars, Leatherface (commonly referred to as The Boat) champion the working stiff above all else, a testament to their Sunderland heritage and unflinching perseverance. No LP export to Europe.

LP $17.50

06/08/2010 633757026612 


CD $13.00

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