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Dust On Common by Led Er Est

Led Er Est

Dust On Common

***The debut LP from LED ER EST entitled Dust on Common. Formed in 2007, the band has both been fostered by and has served as a vitally integral part of the Brooklyn minimal electronics scene that surrounds the Wierd Records label and weekly party that has been active in New York since 2003. Like their close friends and label allies Martial Canterel and Xeno & Oaklander, this first full-length release shows the three-piece clearly breaking out of the Wierd minimal synth underground to create an undeniably contemporary set of highly crafted, sophisticatedly restrained, and icily psychedelic pop songs. The nine tracks on Dust on Common, diverse in texture, tempo, and mood, flow along as a truly classic, mature journey of a 'complete album', in which every second seems carefully considered and treated with care in the richest sense of the word.

LP $14.00

12/07/2009 769791965362 

VR 009 

CD $10.50

06/15/2010 616892083764 

VR 009 CD