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***After a long summer headlining the Warped Tour in support of their latest full-length See the Light, LESS THAN JAKE are gearing up another big year on the road in 2015. They’ll be kicking the year off on a full US tour with Reel Big Fish and Authority Zero. Never the type to show up empty handed, the guys in LTJ put together a new 7” for the occasion. Titled American Idle, the single includes the title track (a popular standout from See the Light) and the B-side “Late Night Petroleum” (a brand new song that’s packed with as much fuel as the name implies). American Idle is yet another classic punch of LTJ delivered just in time for their next US conquest. The pressing is limited, so get in there while you can.

7" $6.00

01/20/2015 751097028674 


***After more than two decades together, 8 studio albums, and a tour schedule that’d make Jules Verne blush, LESS THAN JAKE’s longevity and level of popularity are unassailable. See The Light, their first full-length in fiver years shows the band making a triumphant return to the basics. Throughout a career that has run the gamut from self-releases and small indie imprints to large independent labels and major music conglomerates, the band’s arc has led them back to the proud status of a DIY collective that works together, much the way they began. The result of their approach is the old school sound of See The Light. The album recaptures the bouncy energy and essence of the genre defining classics Pezcore and Losing Streak, while looking through the fresh lens of experienced and cohesive song writing that LTJ have honed over their long haul together. One listen to the lead single “My Money Is On the Long Shot” and you’ll know exactly what we’re gettin’ at. From start to finish See the Light is a springy powder keg of fun songs filled out with poignant lyrics and undeniable sing-along melodies; it’s the perfect embodiment of exactly the kind of electrically charged sound that originally put Less Than Jake at the top of their genre and has kept them there ever since. (STREET DATE - 11/12/2013)

LP $25.50

11/12/2013 751097091616 

FAT 916 

Greetings & Salutations by Less Than Jake

Less Than Jake

Greetings & Salutations
Fat Wreck Chords

***As the currently reigning champs of the ska/punk genre LESS THAN JAKE have amassed legions of faithful followers over the years. With their 20th anniversary falling during 2012 the band decided to commemorate this notable milestone by creating a yearlong event, which saw the band travel far and wide (US, Europe, Japan, South America) to bring their wacky, high-flying live show to their droves fans. With so much touring planned Less Than Jake really wanted to make the celebration something special, so they recorded not one, but two different tour EPs. Greetings From Less Than Jake and Seasons Greetings From Less Than Jake were both 5 song eps the band manufactured on their own and sold on CD, exclusively at the shows they played over the course of 2012. After the party had wound down and the year-long anniversary tour came to an end the band had an idea. With the two EPs comprising some of the strongest material they had written in years and given the limited nature of their availability it seemed like combining the two tour EPs into one album was in order. So, LTJ assembled the two EPs, added 2 previously unreleased bonus tracks, and re-sequenced everything into one cohesive record, Greetings and Salutations. The final product stands alone as one of the best albums in the LTJ catalog. Of course, previously to this the songs were not available on LP, in stores, or on the web, so there are plenty of LTJ fanatics that haven’t...

LP $25.50

12/18/2012 751097090619 

FAT 906 

(Reissue) Borders & Boundaries by Less Than Jake

Less Than Jake

(Reissue) Borders & Boundaries
Fat Wreck Chords

***After 20 years of dispensing some of the most memorable ska/punk around, touring the world like madmen, and bringing a party wherever they land, LESS THAN JAKE have cemented their status as kings of their genre. Primarily recognized for their blend of fun loving, wacky, high-energy ska/punk, LTJ are equally adept at writing socially relevant songs, and have always continued to progress musically. Never has this unique blend of song writing attributes been executed more perfectly than on their fourth studio album, Borders & Boundaries. Originally released in October of 2000, Borders & Boundaries is widely accepted as the band’s most popular album, as it embraced far more of the punk side of the ska/punk genre, while boasting some of the catchiest melodies the band has ever written. 12 years down the road Less Than Jake decided it was time to pay homage to this pinnacle release in their career. In order to do a rerelease fitting of the original, the band spruced it up with some bonus material, added a DVD, and gave the cover art and liner notes a bit of a makeover. The updated version of Borders & Boundaries includes never before heard demo versions of 3 of the most prized tracks from the album, filling out the track list at a robust 18 songs. The bonus DVD (included with both the cd and vinyl formats) is a live performance of the original album in its entirety.

LP+DVD $25.50

10/16/2012 751097079317 

FAT 793 

Borders And Boundaries by Less Than Jake

Less Than Jake

Borders And Boundaries
Fat Wreck Chords

***Having spent the better part of the '90s releasing records (over 76 titles), touring like mad dogs, and making oodles and oodles of money, Gainesville, Florida's metallic, horn-ridden, punksters LESS THAN JAKE unload their fifth full-length album. Fifteen super-duper songs of witty observation, gut-wrenching humor, and high-flying fun. Creative digipak CD packaging just adds to the hilarity.

LP $10.50


FAT 616 

CD $7.25

10/31/2003 751097061626 

FAT 616 CD