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Songs From The Coalmine Canary by Little Annie

Little Annie

Songs From The Coalmine Canary
Durtro / Jnana

Little Annie-aka Annie Anxiety-aka Annie Bandez is an adventuress, chanteuse/lyricist, multi-media artist and post-modern cabaret queen with a long, illustrious and eclectic recording career.  ‘Songs From the Coalmine Canary’ is the fabulous new full length featuring 10 new songs. Annie is assisted by Antony (of the Johnsons) and Joe Budenholzer (Backworld/Small Creatures), both who co-wrote many of the songs with Annie. Also featured are Paul Wallfisch, Todd Cohen, Paul Geluso, and Maxim Moston.

CD $13.00

05/09/2006 621617502024 

D/J 1967 

MP3 $9.90