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Horizonless by Loss


Profound Lore

Six doomed years in creation since their debut album Despond, Nashville, Tennessee melancholic death / funeral doom metal band Loss have completed their anticipated masterwork of pure doom death worship Horizonless, one of the most anticipated metal releases of the year. Reaching further into the void and traveling even more beyond the realms of hopelessness and despair, this album is a journey devoid of all hope and redemption, one where heartbreak, total death and never-ending despondency prevails. Produced and engineered by Billy Anderson (Pallbearer, Bell Witch, Neurosis, Red House Painters) in the band’s hometown, giving the band their most monumental sound yet, Horizonless (which also features guest vocals from Wrest of Leviathan) forges the band’s sound tapestry into more vast and sprawling territory: heavier, darker, more melancholic, and sorrowful. Where their previous album laid down the foundation that gave them the reputation as the saddest and bleakest band in the movement, this latest forges that funeral march onwards towards ruin, decay, and utter oblivion.

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05/26/2017 616892474944 

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Nashville, Tennessee’s Loss formed in 2004 and have been fine-tuning their brand of funeral / death doom ever since. The band’s Conceptual Funeralism and Life Without Hope… Death Without Reason demos made their way through underground channels, garnering praise and raising their profile, with the latter eventually seeing official release by Parasitic Records. Over the next few years, Loss solidified their standing as one of the premiere doom metal bands in the States with a handful of collaborative releases, most notably the Four Burials split with Mournful Congregation, Orthodox and Otesanek. Despond is the band’s debut full-length—a long-awaited album years in the making, during which Loss endured many trials, tribulations and curses upon them. This pain and suffering is reflected in their dirge-like riffs, mournful melodies, low-end frequencies and guttural vocals. Fueled by depression, anxiety, illness, fear and despair, Despond is the soundtrack to a funeral march toward ruin, decay and oblivion.

CD $12.00

05/31/2011 616892123064 

PFL 071 

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05/31/2011 616892123064