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***BACK IN PRINT!!! Repress of the first full-length Mercy (Sweden) album, originally released in 1984 on Swedish label Finger Print Records and now available on vinyl for the first time since. Features the first recorded lead vocal performance of the famous Eddie “Messiah” Marcolin, who would later go on to be better remembered for his stint in Candlemass. Slightly more refined and polished heavy metal, as compared to the also-essential Swedish Metal EP.

LP $19.95



Swedish Metal / Session 1981 by Mercy


Swedish Metal / Session 1981
Nuclear War Now

***BACK IN PRINT!!! Repress of the classic first 1982 EP from the Swedish masters of heavy / doom metal and the first time available on vinyl since that year. Includes five bonus “Session 1981” tracks that were only previously released on 7” vinyl by Nuclear War Now! in 2007. These early songs represent the band’s outstanding traditional heavy metal style before they adopted a more doom-oriented approach on later recordings. One of the most revered heavy metal recordings to ever have emerged from Sweden.

LP $19.95



***Mercy is among the most fascinating and overlooked acts to emerge from Sweden. Formed in the early 1980s by Andrija Veljaca, a native Croatian who moved to Sweden in the 1970s and was the band’s only constant member, Mercy was one of a handful of groups that established Sweden as a hub for a new raw and visceral style of heavy metal in the 1980s. In 1984, just weeks before they were scheduled to enter the studio to record their debut album, Mercy recruited 16-year-old Eddie Marcolin as their new vocalist. After releasing the self-titled debut, Veljaca and Marcolin reconstituted the band as a three-piece and began writing songs that were slower, darker, and heavier than anything they’d done before. The monumental “Witchburner” album was the culmination of Veljaca and Marcolin’s collaboration. Recorded in April 1985, it was an early entry in the canon of what was just then emerging as the subgenre known as Doom metal and marked a total shift in the nature of the band. For “Witchburner,” Marcolin, who doubled as both drummer and vocalist on the album, adopted the name “Messiah” that he would use for the rest of his career. Similarly, Veljaca for the first time assumed the name “Weechking,” which would become his long-standing moniker, though it later evolved to the customary “Witchking” spelling. “Witchburner” showcases the complementary merging of Marcolin’s powerful voice and Veljaca’s hulking riffs and searing leads. The union was short-lived, however, as Marcolin soon departed Mercy to join Candlemass, where...

LP $19.95