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MGR, short for Mustard Gas and Roses, is Isis guitarist Mike Gallagher’s solo vehicle for ambient instrumental experimentation. His 2006 debut, Nova Lux, a critical success that drew comparisons to K.K. Null and Robert Fripp, featured contributions by members of the Red Sparrows and Dalek. MGR has recently shared the stage with the likes of Pelican, Mono, and Destructo Swarmbots. David Scott Stone, who adopted the moniker SirDSS after doing time in the ’90s with Slug and Get Hustle, has recently recorded with Big Business and the Melvins. A musician not afraid to take a long, hard step outside of how music is normally created and interpreted, Stone uses both conventional (modular synthesizers) and unconventional (micro-phoned sheet metal and bowed cymbals) to create unique and disturbing sounds. Impromptu, previously only available on a limited-edition CD-R, is a beautiful, compelling collage of instrumental improvisation and flowing soundscapes.   “Long slowly unfurling whorls of abstract steel string tangle, huge slow burning electric guitar shimmers, drifting amidst glistening sonic cobwebs, silver streaks of minimal feedback, while in the distance some sort of industrial apparition grinds and clangs, creaks and keens, beneath an outerspace world of dreamlike ambient guitarscapes, radiant sine waves and thick luminous layers of crumbling melody. So nice.” —Aquarius Records

CD $13.00

05/29/2007 658457104927 

NER 049 CD 

MP3 $9.90