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Michael And The Mumbles

***Before MICHAEL YONKERS revised the history of recorded music with the clarion chords of Microminiature Love, he was in MICHAEL AND THE MUMBLES, who made this self-titled LP in 1966—a naive, teenage trip through garage band moves typical of the era at first glance, but repeated listening reveals a darkness beneath the crisp, winsome visage. Same characteristics that make Micro the singularly original piece that is (just slightly less visible is all): emotionally bleak themes, dissonant undercurrents, and recklessly wild performances. So, once again, a Michael Yonkers LP is going to turn the world upside down, make the college girls scream and leave you to wonder how many more times this can happen. Vinyl only, with a digital download coupon, made from 45-year-old master tapes that, aside from a glitch on "Cold Town," sound amazing.

LP $14.50

11/02/2009 098787607413 

IND 074