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First Demo + 1 by Milk Music

Milk Music

First Demo + 1
L.G. Records

Milk Music was conceived in the late aughts as brothers Alex Coxen (guitar, vocals) and Joe Rutter (drums) drove around the Northwest jamming on tunes in a shitty old Volvo. Inspired by music that their friends were making, the young brothers rented a space, enlisted first bass player Eric Yates, and wrote the songs on this record. Side A begins with the blistering “Nervous Wreck”—in and out of tune at the same time, fast but somehow feels slow—totally fucked. “Beluga” conjures a deranged image of a mystery whale, as the listener imagines the brothers as Ishmael and Queequeg leaving their hometown of Port Townsend, WA behind on their epic coming-of-age hunt for revenge and white blubber. “No Life” finds this newly hatched band laying down the mood and sonic foundation that would define them up to this present day. “Ripped” ends side A with racing, lysergic skate-rat rambling over a thumping mudslide of scuzz. Side B begins with “Pipeline,” an absolutely massive, almost unbearable eight minute bong-toke of a song. Bonus crucial early track “Violence Now” wraps it up with a brutal sonic speed-bag to the groin, leaving the listener reeling and dazed, coughing in a fog of their own crotch smoke. Recorded by Sam Stabler (Sex Vid) in the practice space in 2009 and mastered in 2022 by Randy Randall. On two hundred gram vinyl with a sturdy tip-on sleeve for one’s consideration. Includes a poster.

12" $22.00

06/23/2023 731199495352 


***BACK IN PRINT!!! Note new lower price. Received a 7.6 rating from Pitchfork. "From a cocoon of ambitious distortion, the caterpillar once known and loved as Olympia's MILK MUSIC, reemerges as a butterfly in full psychedelic Technicolor as Mystic 100's. This LP might be Mystic 100's 1st or Milk Music's 3rd, either way it's a sonic thrill ride through an acid laced apocalypse that will freak your bean and leave you wanting more."

LP $20.95



Beyond Living by Milk Music

Milk Music

Beyond Living

***NOW AVAILABLE ON CD!!! “Wild prayers of humanity that blur the line between Hardcore and Rock. The new Vibe for the new era. Slow crashing waves of low tones that shiver across your being. Om Mani Padme. Bright beams of sound. Alien Abductions. You are far above what you thought was your body, but you can still smoke weed. You are receiving it now. God's Radio. You are receiving it now. It jams in the space behind your face. Beyond Living. greatest hits. 6 tracks.

LP $15.50


PRNL 010 

CD $16.00

03/25/2014 0741459849405