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Long Way Down / Highlighter Piss by Missing Pages

Missing Pages

Long Way Down / Highlighter Piss

***MISSING PAGES is the new project from STEPHEN SVACINA (SWEET TALK, JONLY BONLY, ex-MIND SPIDERS) featuring ALI DITTO (TALKIES, MEAN JOLENE), GABRIEL PASTURA (SEAN MORALES, CHURCH SHOES) and GARRICK THURSTON (SLOW). Taking cues from genre benders before them and shaped by the musical overload of the Austin live scene, Missing Pages meld together a sound both brooding and hopeful, sincere while rejecting the sentimental; power-pop hooks ensnared in a wiry tangle of dark, splintering edges. On their blistering 7" debut, Missing Pages channel the anxiety, exasperation, and jubilation born of those delicate moments in life when the casual comforts and routine are stripped away, forcing us to confront the ugly truth of who we really are. These songs represent both the high and—more importantly—the comedown, and coming to terms with what it all means.

7" $7.75


12XU 106-7